About Us

Grand Master Richard Hodder holds 9th Dan ranking and is currently the Executive Director of Taekwondo for the United States Korean Martial Arts Federation. As a highly regarded instructor Grand Master Hodder travels throughout the United States teaching Martial Arts.

Grand Master Hodder will be organizing and coordinating the event instructors and curriculum, as well as instructing during this event.

Ms. Cedar Rose Guelberth is the Head Instructor and owner of Sahn Taekwondo - Carbondale, a satellite school of Grand Master Cavins' Sahn Taekwondo. She has been involved with Taekwondo for over 18 years and holds a 4th Dan from the United States Korean Martial Arts Federation and Kukkiwon. Most importantly she is a Taekwondo Mom who's daughter is now a 5th Dan and 3 time National Taekwondo champion. Ms. Cedar Rose is very proud to be a student of Grand Master Sean Cavins.

Ms. Rose is the event coordinator and will be organizing event activities.